The total of new and second-hand housing transactions has improved in the last five years: since 2013 (lowest point of the series) it has not stopped growing until 2018, the year in which the 582,000 homes sold were reached.

It is noteworthy that the sale of second-hand housing, which last year exceeded 550,000 units, has achieved figures like those of the best moment in the sector in 2005 and 2006. In the last five years, a total of 1,832,000 homes.

The sales ceiling for both new and second-hand housing is recorded in 2006, in which more than 955,000 homes were sold, of which 43% corresponded to new housing. For its part, the lowest point is reached in 2013, with transactions that barely exceeded 301,000 homes. As of 2014, the recovery begins, which remains until last year.

For the authors of the report “a residential market is surprising where a high number of transactions begins to occur, but where prices grow smoothly. This coincidence leads one to think that a relevant part of the sales is buying opportunities at competitive prices “ consequence of the post-crisis. In addition, the recovery of employment and the opening of financing complete the possible reasons.

This analysis is completed with data on the profile of the buyer: in 2018, most of them were Spanish.

They acquired 488,000 homes compared to 89,300 bought by foreigners residing in Spain (around 16% of the total).

The presence of non-Spanish buyers is associated with the low prices of recent years.

SOURCE: Expansión.com

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